Wednesday, February 22, 2012

An Update

Its been a while, a long while. I am sorry, I suck at blogging. Really though, I am busy being a mom and wife and student and find little to no time to blog. I should schedule time for the blog so that I dont forget the little things that happen, I can look back and see how quickly my children have grown, but for now I am busy being a mom. Thank goodness my phone goes everywhere I go so that I can capture a picture here and there of my cute, cute kids.

Mckinley turned 5 over the weekend. I can hardly believe that I have a 5 year old. Am I really old enough for this?
We had a small party with family and her Tangled cake that took me HOURS to make. Thank goodness for Brets mom and all of her genius ideas that helped keep this cake from tumbling over.

Tait is still a little monster, but he is my monster. I love him to death. He is very sweet to Josie and he loves to copy everything that McKinley does. He loves spending time with mom while McKinley is at school and is a really big helper.

Josie is already almost 7 months old. She sits and rolls and moves backwards. She is so sweet and she is by far my happiest baby. She laughs at everything and LOVES her mom. (which I am completely ok with)

She does not, however, like bows. Which I am dealing with... one day she will love them. ;)

Bret is so close to graduation we can hardly stand it. He will walk in May but will be completely done the last week of July. After a few recent changes and surprises this past month, (which I would be happy to discuss with anyone just not on the blog) we have started to actively look for full time internships both in and out of state for him. We have heard back from a few NFL teams this week.. I am keeping my fingers crossed because I think it would be super cool. Although, we will be happy with anything to get him DONE!

I am, keeping on, trying to juggle family, school, church callings and everything. I am quite overwhelmed most days and find little to no time for much of anything. Since my last post I have gained another 10 lbs, but have lost 5. So, I am on my way back down, I am just trying to stay focused and find new ways of being healthy and get in exercise when I can without overwhelming myself. I often remind myself that my numbers are not me. There are many other things that make me who I am and my numbers tell you nothing other than I like food. I am signed up for my very first REAL 5 k in 10 weeks and I hope to be able to run the whole thing. Wish me luck!!!


Whitney said...

Yay for an update - and a 5K! Woo-hoo!! You can do it!

Kristie said...

Amazing cake. Way to go on the 5k!!!